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Gans 460 M 4x4


Product Description

Gans 460 M 4x4 Speed cube


The new 4x4 from the speed cube masters, Gancube, is their first foray into the 4x4 speed cube market, and they bring many new innovations to the class, including:


GMC - revolutionary new magnet positioning capsule. Instead of just being glued to the inside of the pieces, the magnets are inside capsules, which fit tightly and precisely to the pieces. These capsules are visible on the outsides of the pieces.


Two different magnet strengths, for the inner and outer pieces.


Top quality corner cutting

IPG - Gans patented core technology as used on their 3x3 cubes, adapted for use on the 4x4, providing extra stabilty and anti-pop structure.

Honeycomb surface, as seen on the Air SM cubes, means that your lube will always be where you need it most.

Your cube also comes in a plastic box, which also functions as a stand to show off your new cube.


Why not try our new lubrication services, to make your cube feel fantastic, right out of the box!

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great feeling compared to the WuQue! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2018

    Firstly, I will state that I don't have much experience with 4x4 cubes in general, however at 21 I have been cubing (with my 3x3's) for a decent amount of time and I am pretty dexterous, so take that as you will.

    This 4x4 cube feels very smooth and whilst 60mm in width, compared to the more standard 62mm, it feels like it fits in my hands very well, and I am a pretty tall and well built guy.

    The individual 'cubies' feel well made, and they don't feel like cheap pieces of plastic, hence when they are turned, they don't feel like they are going to break.

    I personally feel that the magnets work quite well, with the inner layers containing two magnets on their inside faces, whilst the outer layers contain one magnet. This is something that I like, but it depends on your personal preference. I will say though, that whilst the original WuQue didn't have magnets, I wouldn't go back to a 4x4 that doesn't have magnets incorporated into its design. They add stability and precision, so combined with my large fingers and relatively harsh turning style compared to younger cubers, this is a much welcome addition to 4x4 cubes.

    This Gan 460 M feels in the hand as if it weighs the same amount as the WuQue, but I'm not as accurate as a set of scales, this is simply meant to inform you that whilst this cube has magnets inside of it, you can't really tell any difference in weight between the cubes.

    I'm not affiliated with any cubing company, as I don't cube fast enough really to be given the opportunity, hence my review is unbiased, albeit I do like Gan cubes more in general. The colours appeal a lot to me in comparison to other cubes, and I'm quite fussy about my colours, although others may prefer that of other cubes (thus it's all down to personal preference).

    I haven't tried the WuQue M, or other 4x4 magnetic cubes from other manufacturers, but I don't feel like I'll ever need to get another 4x4, unless Gan produce a 4x4 with the interchangeable magnet system (and even then this cube will keep me going for a very long time before I consider upgrading again).

    The man whom runs this store is a great guy, whom always replies to your e-mails in a timely manner, and will sort out any issues that you are having to the best of his ability. I am a repeat customer, simply because I felt (and feel) cared for, and not just because I'm ordering products from his store.

    In conclusion (as well as a psuedo-TLDR):

    I love this cube, and haven't had any popping. Will you get the occasional lock up? Yes, if you have a harsh turning style and large hands like I do, but you will get the same on any cube on the market, and I consistently have more lockups on my original WuQue. Does the cube feel controllable and smooth and quiet? Absolutely, this cube is much quieter than any cube I have ever used (save for a 3x3 Gan 356 SM, which feels just as quiet, but both have the honeycomb design incorporated into the inside faces of the cubies). Does this cube feel like it will break when you get a lock up, or turn really hard? Considering the cubies and the stalks connecting them to the core is made of plastic (we have to be honest), if you harshly force a turn when a cube is locked up, you will break the cube, so with that in mind, I feel this cube is pretty strong, and built with the manufacturing standards you expect for a cube at that price (the WuQue corner pieces can move somewhat when touched if the cube slices are all placed together, and doesn't happen on this cube due to the magnets and precision in design).

    Great cube, and order with confidence, because you will be hard pressed to find a better shop to order your items from. As mentioned, I'm a returning customer for a reason. =)

    My next purchase will probably be the Megaminx V2 LM, although if Gan produce a Megaminx beforehand and it's available on this store, I may go with that (but I love Gan so your potential decision may vary).

    Cheers, and happy cubing to all cubers young and old, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day and I wish you all a Happy New Year for 2019.

  2. Very good cube 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Dec 2018

    Really enjoy solving with this cube, out of the box was a little tight, but after loosening became so much better, 3x3 stage is amazing on this puzzle. Does lock up a little bit from time to time, but overall i think this is a great puzzle.

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