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YuXin 4x4x4 Blue Kylin


Product Description

YuXin 4x4x4 Blue Kirin / Kylin

The Blue Kylin from YuXin is the newest arrival into the 4x4 speed cube market. Initial reviews have been very positive, and this cube could be a real contender.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Best 4x4 I bought so far. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Nov 2017

    I only have 2 4x4s, but in comparison to this, this wins by a long shot. It's slightly smaller than the others but it's smooth and it hasn't fallen apart on me (unlike my first 4x4).

    I recommend buying this.

  2. Potentially amazing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jan 2017

    I ordered this and the 3x3 thunderclap (V1) to have a crack at the spring swap as suggested by many of the online cubing community. Out of the box the outer layers aren't too bad but middles feel very tight and sluggish even after a load of solves. I didn't actually bother to play about with tensions or lube which may have helped, just got straight on with the spring swap. I couldn't find a decent tutorial on YouTube, only people who took it completely apart to do it (nah) or people who failed and gave up. I found just popping out opposing pairs of edges and separating centre pairs to get to the screw worked just fine. It's definitely worth the effort cos now this cube is amazing. I wanted to get it as good as the Yuxin 5x5 and I think this is an even better cube now, it's really fast and smooth and I haven't even bothered lubing it. I might drop a little bit in to help with cutting as thats maybe the only thing that's isn't as good and I'm not the most accurate or turners. It's also a little smaller than other 4x4s which I liked. Definitely a recommended purchase! (Along with the thunderclap, which I like even more now with Yuxin springs in)

  3. Excellent when correctly tensioned 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Nov 2016

    Out of the box, this cube was a big upgrade from my old Moyu Weisu. It's fast and scratchy, but caught quite a lot, then quickly popped a small internal piece when scrambling, and subsequently exploded!

    After lubing and reassembling (I also replaced the springs with some softer springs from a Fangshi ShuangRen V1), the cube was much smoother, but still prone to popping.

    Despite being very tight, I tightened each face another 1/2 turn, and it's now fast, smooth, and hasn't popped in a hundred or so solves, and doesn't feel like it's going to.

    On almost-too-tight tensions, this is a really excellent cube. It feels incredibly smooth, doesn't catch at all, and doesn't pop. Would highly recommend.

    I went for stickerless, and the shades are really nice.

  4. Pretty Good, but not the best. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jul 2016

    I was very pleased with the price of the YuXin Blue Kyrin, compared to the MoYu (and Mini MoYu) AoSu, and I really liked the size of the cube (60mm cubed) because my hands are very small.The cube came in a handy plastic box, along with some instructions.

    Straight out of the box this cube was quite bumpy but a little slow and was very dry, the inner and outer layers turning quite nicely. The outer layers corner cut just over 1 cubie and around 1/4 of a cubie for reverse, which is pretty average for a 4x4x4, the inner layers were also pretty average with 2/3 of a cubie corner cutting and a tiny bit of reverse. The regular YuXin (MoYu) shades looked as good as always however I did replace them with my preferred sticker shades. After breaking the cube in with around 30-40 solves I did over the next two days I decided to lube it.

    I lubed it (as I lube most of my cubes) with Weight 1, 3 and 5 in various places in the cube (the hardware, inner pieces and outer pieces) and with another 30 odd solves I broke the lube in and the cube became moderately fast but controllable and was nice and smooth. Cubes generally corner cut better with lube and the cube’s outer layers now cut a little under 2 cubies and then around 1/3 for reverse, the inner layers now cut a full cubie and then a small bit for reverse.

    This cube has never popped on me, only a few times has the cube got out of shape but then with a little force it returns to normal. It doesn’t lock up very much but many times more than my MoYu Mini AoSu, which is my current main. This cube came quite close to replacing it, and will become my backup main over my my YJ GuanSu, but isn’t my main.

    Overall this cube is ok out of the box, but when you lube and tension it, it becomes very good, it is quiet and smooth, and I really enjoy solving it.

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